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Funny "haha"

This is where Danny comes
when he wants some tea and
fun times. One time he
accidentally poured boiling
hot tea in my cup. I have
third degree burns.
Anyway--feel free to
look around.

It's not every day you get your tires changed, so when you do--it's important to draft up characters for all the Wal-Mart tire center employees.

Brad - "Honcho"

Service manager--big man on campus

Jack of all trades

The confidence man

Extensive knowledge of tires —gains the teams

respect through suave nature and scrupulous detail

Raised by a dad who was rough around the edges

—Mr. Goodyear’s son

Crippling alcohol addiction

Joe - "Cue Ball"

He’s the guy who knows a guy

Has a bird

Got into the game for the money—stayed in it for the thrill

Fluent in Russian—but you’d never know it

Chews spare pieces of tire

Infectious laugh

Has a tattoo on his chest--claims:  "If I showed  you, I'd have to kill you."

Ricky - “Brick”

Eats nails for breakfast

5’5 but stronger and more brute than any man twice his size

Once killed a man for driving a Prius

Has a soft side for his cat— “snickerdoodle”

Won a very vague "most bearded man" competition

Swishes his teeth with motor oil

Chance - "Buster Brown"

Often gets in trouble for “goofing around”

Makes inappropriate comments about the gang's sisters

Consistently late to poker night

Is kept on the team because he’s Brad’s astranged cousin

Pretty decent change speed for a schmuck

Beat Juan in a tire change off once and won’t let him forget it

Loses everyone’s tools

Zachary - “9-Volt”

Can tell a tires psi just by looking at it

Loudly breathes from his mouth  

Wanted in 3 states for building explosives from junkyard mufflers

"This job is a means to an end--just gotta stay in it until i can craft 'the big one'"

Often makes shady comments towards his coworkers--

"I could make that problem go away"

Juan - “Mr. Mystery”

Nobody knows where he came from

The eldest of the group—revered for his practical tire skills

Doesn’t know the industry lingo—but he’s a better tire man than any bookworm

Believes that fewer words do the trick

Never double checks—he does it right the first time

Whistles with his teeth

Aliza - “Slippy”

New recruit —Picked up by Cody

Quickest tire change in the tri state area

Humble beginnings- orphan kid

Says silly words like “jeepers” and “fiddlesticks”

Underestimating him is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make

Quick with a joke or to light up your smoke

Cody - “Lucky Duke”

Tires are his job—playing the odds is his passion

Small town hero

Bet his daddy’s farm in a poker game—hasn’t returned since

Caught Aliza trying to pick his pocket—admired his skill and brought him aboard

Busted back in ‘83 for selling fake tires to the Michelin man

I left a casserole in the oven,
these guys will take care of you.

Short Stories &
little muses 

as usual



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