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Punxatawny Phil has held his job for over 100 years. When your job has you stuck in a hole, Indeed can help.

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The Punxsutawney Phil campaign would launch on (you guessed it) Groundhog Day (Feb 2nd).


On this day, announcements of Phil’s resignation would populate the subway systems full of people commuting to jobs that they hate. Encouraging them to leave their jobs and make their own spring.

Once consumers secure their dream job, they no longer need indeed, but we encourage them to connect with Punxsutawney Phil on LinkedIn, who will act as a career guru to help them move onward and upward through their careers, and keep our brand relevant.

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Above is Mr. Groundhog's professional life.

And see his not so professional life below.

Copy: Danny Facer
Art: Gwynie Bahr
Director: Taylor Ballard
DP: Tyler Davies
Producer/Manager: Lucy Nielsen

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