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Painkiller kicks pain where it hurts.

Healing items in Fortnite are crucial, but they suffer from one devastating flaw—the user is completely vulnerable to close range rushdowns while chugging that jug.

We created a catastrophic solution. Advil’s Painkiller.

Upon taking the in game Advil, PainKiller appears in a smokescreen for a brief but brutal 10 seconds. Protecting his summoner from all bodily harm, while they heal up. Enemies, allies, furniture, you name it, if it moves (or doesn’t) he will eliminate it.

Advil has BEEN killing pain before it hurts you—it’s what we do. So next time you worry about getting ambushed by a default Jonesy, don’t. We got your back.


Oh and look at that. He’s real now. Dope.

...and now he's on tiktok

Copy: Danny Facer
Kailey McClune
Director: Taylor Ballard
DP: Tyler Davies
Manager: Lucy Nielsen

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